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Situation near Uglegorsk

Оригинал взят у cassad_eng в Situation near Uglegorsk

Punitive troops from the "Azov" battalion state that the junta counter-offensive on Uglegorsk choked.

Translation of the message from "Azov" (written in Ukrainian):
The AFU detachments have departed from Uglegorsk.
The situation around the town of Debalcevo in the Donetsk region remains difficult.
The railroad hub was powerfully shelled using "Grads" and other heavy weapons.
The militants attacked the villages of Chernukhino and Nikishino. The situation around these settlements remains difficult.
Ukrainian forces tried to enter Uglegorsk after a preliminary bombardment, but the enemy resisted fiercely and disrupted these plans. According to the unofficial information, four Ukrainian tanks were hit.
The AFU and the National Guard detachments have left Uglegorsk. Currently the town is effectively overrun by the enemy forces.

So, in plain English: the attacks on the town choked, they couldn't enter the town, they lost 4 tanks and had to leave. Uglegorsk is controlled by the NAF. After the approach to Kalinovka the configuration of the truncated Debalcevo encirclement is emerging. The NAF failed to create a large encirclement by closing the ring near Svetlodarsk, but by capturing Uglegorsk (let's consider this a plan B of sorts) they managed to find a weakness in the enemy formation, due to which a part of the junta military under Debalcevo ended up under the threat of encirclement. It hangs on a single shelled road, which is may well be cut somewhere in the area of Logvinovo. We may expect new attempts to recapture Uglegorsk and to keep the control over the M-103 Road. Kostya Grishin disappeared somewhere after the announced offensive on Uglegorsk, which triggered a huge wave of rumors. Today it turned out that the scumbag was actually hit, but not too much.

At "Donbass" they state that four of their fighters perished during the fighting near Uglegorsk, Semenchenko suffered a concussion.
Four fighters of the "Donbass" battalion perished during the fighting near Uglegorsk of Donetsk region, the battalion commander and an MP Semen Semenchenko (n.b. Kostya Grishin and Semen Semenchenko refer to the same person) suffered a concussion. Hromadske TV announced this with a reference to the words by the chief of staff of the battalion, the callsign of "Gall". "According to him, 11 fighters were wounded, four were evacuated to Kharkov, the others — into the hospital in Artyomovsk. Also he confirmed the information about the battalion commander and MP Semen Semenchenko's concussion and two other fighters," — states the announcement.

Apparently he received yet another concussion to his ass. He wrote in Facebook, he went to the front, he went to a hospital, he wrote in Facebook, he went to the front, he went to a hospital, so there he goes again.

The strikes under Nikishino and Chernukhino bind the junta forces on the protrusion and inhibit its maneuvering by reserves, this is why it has to push additional mechanized reserves through the bottleneck near Svetlodarsk in order to have spare forces for performing binding counter-strikes. Apparently, in the coming days the junta will be forced to use its reserves near Artyomovsk for an emergency fix to the situation, which is becoming worse with every coming day because the NAF – with great difficulty and major blood — gnaw through the junta defense.

NAF infantry before an attack in the area of Uglegorsk.

Another video from the captured checkpoint where our tanks were damaged by mines.

A junta battery is firing in the area of Debalcevo.

Life-News report about the fighting for Uglegorsk.

DPR MLRS "Grad" are firing.

PS. Burial ceremony for the killed punitive troops is shown on the head photo.

Plus, there is another photo: a prisoner tried to remove the tattoo using a brick in order not to give himself out too much (because the fascists know that they are treated very differently than the AFU conscripts), but the stamp of nazism is not so easy to scrub off.

UPD: Nevermind about this Right Sector militant – this case is from the last year.

UPD: Plus the clarification about Grishin. He continues to run into trouble.

Translation of the above tweet:
The press-service of the "Donbass" battalion informs. On 01/31 the battalion commander Semen Semenchenko participated in the conduct of operation on unblocking the "Svityaz" battalion. During the operation he suffered a concussion. This morning the state of Semen Semenchenko became worse when he became a victim of a traffic incident. He was given medical aid.
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