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"А нас-то за шо" на аглицкий манер

Оригинал взят у marubeni в "А нас-то за шо" на аглицкий манер
Разбор в Daily Telegraph баталий в Марселе вызвал улыбку, но не удивление.

В частности, были показаны фото наших болельщиков из соцсетей с английскими "трофеями".
С высокомерным комментарием:
Unfortunately, those pictured seem not to understand English, as the flags are held upside-down.

Даже Медвежонок знает, что перевернутые флаги в фанатской среде - знак победы над врагом.

Британский комментатор выжимает слезу. Эти злобные русские...
One English fan was fighting for his life on Sunday after being set upon by a gang of ‘ultras’ from Moscow, with police confirming 35 people had been injured in the bloody scenes.

А нас-то за шо?
"We were being hit constantly," said Keith Moore, a 52-year-old from Manchester. "We were just standing around having some beers and a bit of food  on Saturday afternoon  when around twenty five Russians steamed in.

Английские барышни жалуются:
"Disgusting"; "disgraceful" - the verdict of England fans we spoke to last night on the violence in Marseille.

А вот для чего всё затевалось:
Others don't think Russia should be allowed to host it, after last night's violence was added to a rap sheet including endemic racism, state-sponsored athletics doping and a very fishy bid to host the tournament.

And a man in Wellingborough has set up a Change petition to strip Russia of the World Cup. Good luck with that.

И - вишенка на торте. Для тех, кто праздновал так называемый "день России".

Meanwhile, in Russia
Dmitry Medvedev, the country's prime minister, is celebrating Russia Day, which commemorates the end of the Soviet Union. He hasn't commended on the fan violence.
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